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Symbol: 30-10862-X-WHITE
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The Autoblow 2+xt is the best choice for blowjob lovers on a budget. This version uses a newly improved penis gripping system comprised of 5 spring loaded fingers that gently but tightly grip the lifelike sleeve and move it up and down over your shaft. A speed dial is conveniently located on the bottom of the device and allows you to choose the speed of your blowjob. The machine plugs into any wall outlet with a 3m long cable and frees you from the hassle and expense of buying or charging batteries. The Autoblow 2+xt machine works with interchangeable sleeves in three sizes which helps guarantee you get the perfect fit regardless of the girth of your penis. The best size sleeve for the vast majority of men is the B size. For men with extra thin penises the A size works best and for men with extreme girth, size C is the best choice. One sleeve is included.
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Całkowita długość 22 cm
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