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Erotically, stimulating, thrusting sexmachineAngle the Bendy with its amazing 360-degree, rotating thrust arm, which is easily locked into position with two twist knobs for maximum stability.Fantastic manoeuvrability of the thrusting dildo to fit your body perfectly and enjoy unlimited sexual positions.Adjust the thrusting height to enable achieving intense orgasms.All changes are done by sliding the thrusting arm assembly up or down the vertical mast, and then tightening with a simple twisting/tightening the knob.A highly responsive thrusting speed controller can operate the Bendy remotely using a long cord (nearly 2 meters, over 6 feet)A large round heavy-duty chromed-steel base provides amazing stability at all thrusting speeds. Rubber supports beneath this wide circular base provide quietness and increased stability.Extremely easy to operate: enjoy with a partner or use by yourself.Assembles rapidly in less than 2 minutes.This Bendy Sex Machine is light, very compact, and easily maneuvred for your use wherever desired.Robust and reliably built by Diva, the brand you can trust.Quiet and smooth operation.Thrusting with great maneuverability, fits your body perfectly using a realistic, flexible dildo or a silicone anal plug with a flexible, metal torsional spring, aptly named "The Wizard".Complete vertical height adjustment of the arm.360 Degree rotation of thrusting arm plus height adjustments to enable unlimited sexual positions.Powerful strokes can vary from very slow (1 stroke per second) to very fast (2.5 strokes per second) or thrill to the newly available "Rat-A-Tat"-action of short, rapid penetrating strokes (over 3 quick strokes per second).Penetration from 4 cm (1.5 inch) - which is actually the maximum penetration of any rabbit vibrating/thrusting toy in the market - to even deeper penetration depths of over 8 cm (over 3 inches). Partial insertion of the dildo enables even deeper penetration.A large round, heavy-duty, chromed-steel bas
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