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Le Wand Crystal G Wand, G-spot wand with silicone textured ring. Reach sexual nirvana with this beautifully crafted crystal wand that's designed for the ultimate G-spot stimulation. Curved to hit at the perfect angle, this wand's bulbous tip targets the G-spot with precision while its shaft offers a delightful feeling of fullness. Available in mesmerizing rose quartz and black obsidian, this G-spot wand can be paired with the included silicone ring for added external pleasure and delightful dual stimulation.Size: 17,8 (H) x 3,40 (D1) x 3,34 (D2) x 2,51 (D3) cmWeight: Approx. 334 gComplete set includes:Crystal G WandTextured Silicone RingTravel BagHardcover Guide To Crystal Pleasure ToolsCrystal Pleasure Tool Care InstructionsCrystal Collection - Rose QuartzRose quartz is said to provide comfort and healing of emotional wounds, dissolves fears and worries, stimulates creativity in the bedroom, and can help attract love, romance, and intimacy. Is Le Wand Crystal Wand 100% body-safe and porous?While crystal is a body-safe material, it may be porous or has "closed porosity" — pores lay on the surface of the stone but would be very difficult for bacteria to seep through to the center. We suggest placing a condom over the product if you are sharing your crystal with a partner that you are not fluid-bonded with.How should I clean Le Wand Crystal Wand?Use a damp cloth and mild antibacterial soap to wipe the toy down. Make sure the cloth removes all soap residue before you allow the toy to dry. You can also use a sex toy cleaner directly on the product and finish with a damp cloth.If you want to spiritually connect with your crystal, you can also cleanse its energy prior to and after use with a solution of sea salt and water, the smoke of sage, gentle sunlight, or the light of a full moon. For more information, please refer to the Guide to Crystal Pleasure Tools included in the package.How should I store my Le Wand Crystal Wand?After cleaning, allow Le Wand Crysta
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Materiał Rose Quartz
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